Club members' e-mail

E-mail addresses on webpages are subject to spamming. In order to reduce this menace, we ask you to do the following:

  • start your normal email programme
  • use the e-mail addresses below, replacing <a> with @

Club committee:

  • formand<a> (Lisbeth Schönemann-Paul)
  • naestformand<a> (Birgit Roesgaard)
  • kasserer<a> (Steen Sigaard)
  • sekretaer<a> (Morten Christensen)
  • best-medlem<a> (Gorm Lund)
  • 1.suppleant<a> (EJette Larsen)
  • 2.suppleant<a> (Peter Bjerre)


  • gorm.s.lund<a> (Gorm Lund)
  • langvad86<a> (Anette Langvad Jensen)

Other e-mails:

  • webmaster<a>
  • nyhedsbrev<a>
  • klubblad<a>